What Is A Narcotic?

What Is A Narcotic? The original meaning of the word 'narcotic' was any psychoactive compound with sleep-inducing properties. In the United States, this word has become associated with uploads, and specifically, heroin and morphine together with their derivatives, e.g. hydrocodone. The word has quite a different meaning in legal circles and often means any totally prohibited drug s....
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Narcotic Abuse Side Effects

Narcotic Abuse Side Effects The term 'narcotics' is used in reference to a wide variety of drugs that are mostly used to manage severe or chronic pain, as well inducing ....
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Narcotic Abuse Symptoms

Narcotic Abuse Symptoms Many different types of drugs belong to the general group called narcotics. Below are some of the symptoms associated with the abuse of these nar....
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Narcotic Abuse Blog

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Narcotic Abuse

Narcotics are widely used, mainly for the purpose of relieving pain. These drugs are sometimes prescribed alongside other painkillers. When people use these drugs without the prescription of a qualified health practitioner for the purpose of achieving a feeling of well-being, this is referred to as abuse. The human body produces feel-good hormones called endorphins whose action is similar to that of narcotics.

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